Ever have a question that you’d love to ask other bankers? Ever just want to know if others are experiencing the same challenges as you are? You are not alone. Bankers from across the state participate in one or more of our many peer groups to network, share best practices and even come up with solutions.  

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To update your profile online, log into LBA's website and then click on your name at the top of the webpage. When your profile page opens, click on the Marketing Categories tab and follow the directions to add any marketing categories to your profile that correspond with the Peer Groups you would like to join.

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LBA Peer Groups are a LBA member bank resource and will require you to log into the website to access.


Peer Group Updates Since the Last Newsletter

All of the updates listed this month are member resources and will require you to log into the website to access. Click here to access the main Peer Group page. Once you are logged in, click on the specific group to see the resource listed.

  • All Peer Groups
    • FDIC December 2023 Meeting Notes
  • Anti-Fraud/Security
    • 2024 USSS Alert on Jackpotting Attack Vector
    • ABA resources for Safe Banking for Seniors
    • Tackling Money Mules webinar slides 
  • Compliance
    • Federal Reserve Compliance Resources Webinar recording: "Compliance Resources: Where to Find Answers to Your Compliance Questions."
  • Loan Review
    • Peer group notes from April 25, 2024 meeting
  • Marketing
    • Peer group notes from April 11, 2024 meeting
    • Independent Community Bankers of America's Check Your Ad Program (annual subscription) 
    • FDIC plans to hold four webinars on deposit insurance signage—the first is May 30, at 2 p.m., on Teams
  • Technology
    • ABA Product Assessment Focuses on Middleware