Ever have a question that you’d love to ask other bankers? Ever just want to know if others are experiencing the same challenges as you are? You are not alone. Bankers from across the state participate in one or more of our many peer groups to network, share best practices and even come up with solutions.  

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LBA Peer Groups are a LBA member bank resource and will require you to log into the website to access.


Peer Group Updates Since the Last Newsletter

All of the updates listed this month are member resources and will require you to log into the website to access. Click here to access the main Peer Group page. Once you are logged in, click on the specific group to see the resource listed.

  • Posted to all groups
    • 2022 LBA State Regular Legislative Session Report
  • Accounting
    • Button for new Call Report peer group
  • Anti-Fraud/Security
    • WWL New Orleans news article, “Mailed Checks Are Being Stolen and Bank Accounts Emptied” 
  • Bank Trainers
    • Have We Forgotten "Moments of Truth?" by Paul Hasney 
    • How to Take Your Career Pathing Strategy to the Next Level by Oncourse Learning 
    • The Ups and Downs of Technology and Working from Home by Oncourse
      • Blog with technology tips and hints to consider when working from home
      • Remote Management onDemand Webinar Series
      • OnCourse Resource Center for more blogs, infographics and training resources
    • The Learning Organization Strategic Plan 
    • eBook: 8 Ideas Learning Culture & Assessment 
    • The Certificate Builder 
    • eBook: Spice Up Training
    • WIL Virtual Team Meeting Toolkit  
    • Journey Map Meeting Tool
  • Human Resources
    • How to Take Your Career Pathing Strategy to the Next Level by Oncourse Learning
  • Loan Operations
    • Federal Reserve article, “Commercial Flood Insurance Compliance – Washing Away Common Pitfalls”
  • Marketing
    • Marketing Money Podcast 
    • Independent Banker article by Julie Kendrick, "4 trending social media tips to know" 
    • #SocialBankers website 
    • FinLocker survey on financial habits of millennials and Gen Z 
  • Trust
    • Franklin v. Resource Bank, US Court of Appeals (5th Circuit)