LBA’s government relations team is trusted, respected and dedicated to promoting and preserving the pro-banking environment in Louisiana. LBA saw continued legislative success during the 2023 State Legislative Session, including passing 3 LBA-supported bills and 1 resolution that were signed into law:

  • Act 218 by Rep. Tony Bacala created a new, combined crime of theft or criminal access of an ATM, which carries a penalty of mandatory imprisonment, along with a fine and the requirement to make restitution for damage caused. This new, specific state crime related to ATMs greatly enhances criminal penalties for these types of crimes. The bill was brought by LBA and the Louisiana Sheriffs' Association due to increasing ATM crime being carried out by organized criminals and conducted in various ways. Act 218 specifically covers the various ways that the crime is being conducted and requires a mandatory five-year prison sentence upon conviction. 
  • HCR 59 by Rep. Beau Beaullieu and Rep. Beryl Amedee is a resolution that urges and requests the U.S. Securities and Exchange Commission to immediately withdraw its proposed rule entitled "The Enhancement and Standardization of Climate-Related Disclosures for Investors". The proposed federal rule would require publicly traded companies, including financial institutions, to disclose enhanced climate-related information, including their greenhouse gas emissions and GHG emissions that occur in the upstream and downstream activities of their value chain. If finalized, this harmful proposal would cause covered companies and their small business customers to incur significant expense and devote significant resources to comply, while providing information of dubious value to investors. 
  • Act 267 by Rep. Nicky Muscarello requires students to successfully complete a one unit (one year) financial literacy course to graduate from high school and to qualify for TOPS. The provisions of the Act apply to students who enter the ninth grade during the 2024-2025 school year and thereafter. Louisiana bankers played a pivotal role in obtaining this strong level of legislative support. This result is due to decades of hard work by Louisiana bankers, among others, who have made providing and teaching financial literacy in their communities a top priority.
  • Act 390 by Sen. Franklin Foil provides for online judicial sales. The Act authorizes, but does not mandate, sheriffs to conduct judicial sales on movables and immovables through the use of an online internet platform. Each sheriff will be able to decide whether to continue holding in-person sales or move to the new online sales procedure. Use of an online sales process could result in more bidders and higher bids at sheriffs sales. It is also expected to be more convenient for seizing creditors to be able to monitor and participate in sheriff sales online rather than having to physically attend or send someone to attend an in-person sheriff sale at the parish courthouse.   


Monitor, Track, Act

During the 2023 state legislative session, 1,600 bills, resolutions and study requests were reviewed by LBA and 100% of the bills that LBA identified as harmful to banks and their customers were either favorably amended or defeated during the state legislative process. 

  • 36,000+ emails were sent to distribute 27 LBA Government Relations Update bulletins
  • 2,300+ messages were sent through LBA’s VoterVoice Call to Action campaigns to members of the Louisiana congressional delegation
  • Between the February Statewide Banker/Legislator Meetings and the August Statewide Banker Luncheons, LBA staff traveled 3,900+ miles to lead 18 meetings
  • Started a new recognition program for banks that prioritize participation in all areas of LBA's government relations activities called Advocacy Bank Champions Club. The inaugural members of the ABC Club totaled 22 banks



  • LBA State PAC 2023 contributions totaled $120,447 from 68 banks—the fourth recording-breaking year for LBA's State PAC
  • LBA Fed PAC 2023 contributions totaled $89,885 
  • There were 32 members of Cliff's Club, which recognizes institutions whose employees and directors collectively give $1,000 or more to the Fed PAC 
  • LBA member banks and bankers have contributed over $3.1 million to the LBA PACs since 2001