The Bank Counsel Committee serves as the leadership group for the Bank Counsel Membership Section of the LBA.  The Committee provides input and guidance regarding important legal and legislative issues impacting the Louisiana banking industry.

Committee Member Eligibility

The Bank Counsel Committee shall be comprised of Bank Counsel Section members who are in good standing and have been Bank Counsel Section members for at least two (2) years, who work with banks, savings banks, or savings and loan associations doing business in Louisiana as either outside legal counsel or in-house counsel. The LBA general counsel shall serve as an ex officio member of the Bank Counsel Committee

Membership Process

Candidates for committee membership are nominated by a banker, Bank Counsel Committee member, or LBA senior staff member. The names and qualifications for each nominee are submitted to the LBA Board of Directors for consideration and, by a majority vote of the board, may be approved for membership. There is no set number of committee members.

Term of Membership

Term of membership on the committee shall be four (4) years.  There are no term limits.  The membership term period begins on the date of the Bank Counsel Committee Annual Meeting immediately following the spring meeting of the LBA board of directors at which the nominees are approved for Committee membership.

Attendance Requirements

Committee members shall participate in a majority of the meetings called and shall attend at least three Bank Counsel Conferences during the term.  Failure to comply with attendance requirements shall preclude a member from being considered for re-appointment for an additional term.

Committee Chair

The Committee shall elect a chairperson at the annual Bank Counsel Committee meeting.  The chairperson shall preside over all committee meetings, shall be actively involved in planning the Bank Counsel Conference agenda, and shall work closely with the LBA general counsel.  The term of the chair shall be two (2) years, or until a new chairperson is elected. 

Activities & Events

Bank Counsel Committee activities consist of the following:

  • Bank Counsel Committee annual meeting, which is held each summer following completion of the state legislative session. During the annual meeting, new members are introduced, a chairperson is selected, recent state legislation and other banking legal issues are discussed and Bank Counsel Conference planning begins. 
  • State bill-review meeting 
  • Bank Counsel Conference planning meetings
  • Bank Counsel Conference
  • Bank Counsel Peer Group meeting 
  • Other meetings called as needed