2020 Leadership School Kicks Off

The first of two Leadership Schools in 2020 kicked off with the opening reception on Tuesday, March 10, and the first session on Wednesday, March 11. This school meets monthly for five months and completes Hogan Leadership assessments as well as online coursework in between live sessions. For more information on the second school of 2020, please click here

(above, from left) Missy Pace, Travis Gautreau, Matthew Schultz, Tessa Bell and Gentry Estilette, all of Investar Bank, are pictured at the opening reception at Juban’s. 

Pictured above (from left) are Tammie Cox, Claudy Vallery, Ashley Parrie, Sara Giannone, all of BOM, and Kristie Peltier of Rayne Building and Loan.

Pictured above (from left) are Monica Tauzin, Nicole Patin and Patricia Bonds, all of Home Bank.

(above) Attendees are pictured at the opening reception at Juban’s.