2022 Commercial Loan Docs-Getting it Right Web Rec

Member Fee:  $150
Non-Member Fee:  $250

Speaker: Hinshaw

Join us for a one hour webinar on best practices in properly structuring and documenting commercial loans, including tips on how to avoid errors that may impact collateral recovery and enforcement in a default or bankruptcy scenario. Led by a panel of well-seasoned commercial lending lawyers, this webinar is sure to enhance your understanding of commercial loan structures and to help you identify common pitfalls when underwriting and closing commercial loans. Issues that will be discussed include: understanding your borrower’s corporate structure and business; the role of the owner, borrower and guarantor; the importance of “consideration” and “cause” in lending; proper perfection and maintenance of your security interest; and how to document the loan for maximum protection in a bankruptcy setting.  This session will be not only educational, but also interactive with audience polling and opportunity for real time feedback.

9/14/2022 - 3/14/2023

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