2022 Business Continuity, Disaster Recovery Manual

Business Continuity, Disaster Recovery & Incident Response

Member Fee: $475 (includes link to supplemental documents)
Non-Member Fee: $675 (includes link to supplemental documents)

Speaker: CapinTech

Planning your response to and recovery from natural disasters, pandemics, cyberattacks, or system failures can be challenging and time-consuming. And without proper planning, testing, and training, the continuity of key operations may be impacted and full recovery may be extremely difficult. This session is designed to help bankers implement realistic and manageable plans for addressing various incidents or disaster situations.

Topics include:

  • Review recent incidents and disasters and discuss lessons learned
  • Evaluate processes that can help you establish detailed and effective procedures that support both the continuity of key operations and recovery of critical systems
  • Discuss the impact that your third parties can have on your recovery and what to look for when planning and vetting your vendor’s plans
  • Reiterate the importance of training on and testing your plans, including the incident response function
  • Apply areas discussed within your banks to enhance preparedness
5/3/2022 - 11/3/2022

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Tuesday, 03 May 2022


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