2023 Corporate Customer Training on Cybersecurity and CATO

This was recorded April 12, 2023.

Member Fee:  $750
Non-Member Fee:  $1150

Speaker: CapinTech

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The Corporate Account Takeover (CATO) regulatory recommendations underscore the need for banks to implement a comprehensive customer awareness and education program that focuses on the current threats businesses face and how that can affect their cybersecurity posture. This recorded webinar is designed to help you meet that need and includes a variety of relevant topics including:
  • Identify what corporate account takeover (CATO) is and how it happens
  • Evaluate how doing business in a cyber world has changed the threat landscape
  • Review common security concerns surrounding phishing, patching, malware, user management and other relevant areas
  • Examine top tips for maintaining a good cybersecurity mindset and baseline cybersecurity practices that can be applied within the organization
4/12/2023 - 4/12/2024

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