IRA Year-End Update (Webinar)

December 7, 2023

Member Fee (Live or Recording):  $165 per connection 
Non-Member Fee (Live or Recording):  $265 per connection 

During this webinar, we will get ready for the year end wrap up. There are many new parts of the Secure Act 2.0 kicking in at year end.  Don't forget to check your death distributions, rollovers, transfers and distributions before we turnover to a new year.  Learn how common mistakes can escalate when we don’t catch them early.
Program Highlights:
•       Secure Act 2.0 many changes will kick in
•       Inherited IRA Distributions and Examples
•       RMDs for 73 and over
•       Compliance Issues—paperwork year end reporting and compliance
•       W-4R changes
•       Correcting Excess contributions
•       How to correct IRS reporting 
•       Compliance calendar
•       How to audit your IRAs
•       Reporting and Amendments
•       Product review
•       Finding errors in rollovers and transfers
•       HSA year end wrap up


IRA Administrators, IRA Staff, Deposit Operations, Deposit Compliance, Branch Administration, and others who open accounts for retirement

Deborah Crawford
is the President of gettechnical, inc. a Florida-based firm, specializing in the education of banks and credit unions across the nation. Her 35+ years of banking and teaching experience began at Hibernia National Bank in New Orleans. She graduated from Louisiana State University with both her bachelor's and master’s degrees. Deborah's specialty is in the deposit side of the financial institution where she teaches seminars on regulations, documentation, insurance and Individual Retirement Accounts.

12/7/2023 10:00 AM - 11:30 AM

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