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95 Old Stratton Chase
Atlanta, GA 30328-3652
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Neal Reynolds
Ph: (678) 528-6688

Associate Profile

Main Office
95 Old Stratton Chase
Atlanta, GA 30328-3652
(678) 528-6688
Area(s) of Expertise
Digital Signage & Content, Marketing
Description (BMC) is a web-based marketing portal that empowers banks to produce professionally designed, bank-branded marketing materials in a matter of seconds. BMC puts you in complete control of the ad production process for your bank, saving valuable time and money.

BMC has thousands of successful marketing materials including ads, direct mail, statement stuffers, flyers, posters, digital signage and more. The process is easy. On the site, you can select a marketing piece and customize it within seconds. Your bank’s logo and contact info will be automatically inserted into the ad. You can edit the copy, colors, fonts, and select from over nine million stock photos from Getty Images. Finished materials are then sent automatically to your compliance department for approval and then to your publication or printer. has proven to be so successful that banks of all sizes are now using this valuable service nationwide.

Program Benefits
• 20% discount for LBA members.
• Web-based and easy to use. No software required.
• Software routes ad materials through bank’s compliance approval process.
• Order history allows ad materials to be reviewed by regulators.
• Professional advertising and marketing materials can be produced in seconds.
• Change ad copy, photos, layout size, fonts and font sizes.
• Select from over 9 million stock photos through Getty Images.
• Select and use local media and printers.
• Unarchive previous ads and edit them in seconds.
• Users can have their photo and personal info automatically appear on ad materials.
• Private labeled marketing sites can be developed for large banks.
• Letter templates eliminate bad grammar and misspelled words. Databases can be added, with completed letters produced and printed in seconds.