Our 2019 Year in Review offers a summary of LBA’s activities and accomplishments. Here is a glimpse of how LBA's staff efforts elevate your membership benefits through government relations, education and communication.

LBA on Mission

  • LBA's staff of 10 brings a total of 164 years of association experiencethat's an average tenure of 16.4 years eachto partner with LBA members to accomplish LBA's missionhelping banks grow & prosper.


  • The Community Cash alliance has an updated logo and redesigned website to go along with a growing list of participants. The alliance currently has 19 participants with more than 615 ATM locations in 8 states. Community Cash is a surcharge-free ATM alliance allowing participating banks’ customers access to the combined ATM locations.


  • LBA members posted a total of 54 Classifieds on LBA's website in 2019, generating more than 18,000 visits to that section on LBA's website.
  • Since 2001, LBA has awarded 400 LBA Service Awardsawards that represent more than 17,800 years of service to the banking industry. LBA Service Awards are presented to bankers who have 45 years or more of active banking service in Louisiana banks.



LBA’s government relations team is trusted, respected and dedicated to promoting and preserving the pro-banking environment in Louisiana. LBA saw continued legislative success during the 2019 State Legislative Session, including passing seven LBA-sponsored bills that were signed into law:

  • Act 186 by Sen. Danny Martiny removed the prohibition from charging a fee when a director, officer or salaried employee of a depository financial institution engages in an evaluation of real estate for such institution.
  • Act 348 by Sen. Bodi White provides added flexibility for appraisal requirements regarding OREO property held by a state chartered bank or thrift to provide greater parity with national banks.
  • Act 37 by Rep. Paul Hollis authorizes state licensed appraisers to be able to perform property evaluations.
  • Act 34 by Rep. Jean-Paul Coussan allows banks to respond to law enforcement and disclose customer records based on a search warrant from a state or local law enforcement agency. 
  • Act 99 by Rep. Johnny Berthelot provides more options for banks in pledging security for certain public deposits.
  • Act 16 by Rep. Andy Anders creates a more streamlined regulatory approval process for the creation of bank subsidiaries.
  • Act 334 by Sen. Jim Fannin allows trust companies with offices in Louisiana, whether or not chartered in Louisiana, to serve as a trustee for Louisiana trusts.  

Monitor, Track, Act

During the 2019 state legislative sessions, 1,736 bills, resolutions and study requests were reviewed by LBA and 100% of the bills that were identified by LBA as harmful to banks and their customers were either favorably amended or defeated during the state legislative process. 

  • 1,504 messages were sent through LBA’s VoterVoice Call to Action campaigns to members of the Louisiana Congressional Delegation


  • LBA State PAC 2019 contributions totaled $100,672 from 62 banks.
  • LBA Fed PAC 2019 contributions totaled $88,543 from 659 individuals.
  • We had 34 members of Cliff's Club for 2019, which recognizes institutions whose employees and directors collectively give $1,000 or more to the Fed PAC. 
  • LBA member banks and bankers have contributed close to $1.4 million to the LBA PACs since 2011.

Professional Development/Education 

LBA is the leading provider of high-quality, cost-effective professional development training for Louisiana banks. Our education opportunities provide an invaluable opportunity to network with peers and stay current on important issues affecting our rapidly changing industry.


  • Total attendees for 2019 LBA’s Annual Convention & Exposition: 517
  • 4,000+ bankers have graduated from LBA's Bankers School for Supervisory Training since the school began in 1973
  • There are 28 active LBA Peer Groups & the number continues to grow at the request of bankers. New peer groups added in 2019: Marijuana-Related Business Resources & Credit Card Banks 

Giving Back

For 62 years, the Louisiana Bankers Education Council has accomplished its mission of facilitating banker development and promoting financial literacy outreach to Louisiana bankers through their various programs, including the Bank-at-School program, Simply Banking study guides, College Freshman Scholarships, 365 to Rich Bank Shadow Day, Leadership School, partnering with Louisiana JumpStart Coalition and managing the Louisiana Bankers Patrick Spencer/FISC Education Foundation which funds the above programs.


  • Twelve LBA member banks hosted 133 high school seniors in 2019 as part of the 4th Annual 365 to Rich Bank Shadow DayThat brings total participation since the program began in 2016 to 363 high school seniors.


Bank Counsel Section

The LBA Bank Counsel Section consists of bank attorneys that work as both in-house and outside counsel. The section members, under the direction of the Bank Counsel Committee members, assist in drafting legislation and work closely with the LBA government relations and legal staff throughout the year.

Endorsed Products & Associate Members 

LBA Endorsed Products and Associate Members provide banks with superior products and services. Our partners are industry leaders who share our high standard for quality service.

15 Total LBA Endorsed Vendors

 ABA Insurance Services 

 Bankers Benefits of Louisiana     

CRA Partners

Finastra First Data Harland Clarke

ICBA Bancard

ICBA Securities
JMFA MPA Systems


  Thumbprint Signature Program UPS




Through LBA Communications, we keep bankers informed, delivering critical industry information to members about legislative and regulatory changes as well as conferences, programs and products and services that are available to our members.



On average each month, more than 4,500 visitors together made about 9,100 visits to our website, viewing almost 32,000 pages as they browsed. We have more than 10,000 registered website users and our most popular pages continue to be the Education Calendar, Classifieds, Peer Group Pages, Press Releases & Photo Gallery, The Louisiana Banker newsletter and The Bankers Directory.

Social Media

The LBA regularly posts resources covering topics like financial literacy, identity theft and emergency preparedness on Facebook, Twitter and LinkedIn that can be re-posted or re-tweeted on our members’ social media outlets to benefit their customers.   

  • Top post for 2019, with 5,265 impressions: Congratulations to the 2019 Leadership School I Graduates! Graduation was held at the LBA office. The 6-month program includes online course work & instructor-led sessions focused on developing leaderships skills & enhancing banking knowledge. http://ow.ly/akMP50xvBbG

  • Most popular tweet in 2019 with 4,407 impressions: Meet LBA's Board: Check out our Q & A with LBA's Chairman Gary Littlefield of Gulf Coast Bank & Trust Company http://ow.ly/IIMv50wfcGB

  • Top LinkedIn post in 2019, with more than 6,400 impressions: Congratulations to LBA Chief Operating Officer Ginger Laurent on celebrating her 19th work anniversary! http://ow.ly/Qnds50mYWb5