#FinLitLouisiana: Peoples Bank & Trust, BOM & Caldwell Bank & Trust

Editor's Note: #FinLitLouisiana is a way to showcase the many financial literacy programs and community projects going on around the state. When you post your photographs on your social media, please include the hashtag #FinLitLouisiana. We also want to highlight your financial literacy outreach programs and community projects by featuring your pictures. Send photos with captions to Jayme Foster at foster@lba.org.   

(above) Employees of Peoples Bank and Trust in New Roads recently taught financial literacy classes to students in grades kindergarten to 8th grade at Rougon Elementary School.

(above) BOM employees taught about the importance of financial wellness to students at Magnolia Bend Academy. 

Caldwell Bank and Trust recently hosted Bank at School field trips for 5th graders at (above) Union Elementary, (below, top) Grayson Elementary and (bottom) Columbia Elementary.