#FinLitLouisiana: Caldwell Bank & Trust

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(from left) Jake Bennett and Case Abrams 

(from left) Jake Bennett and Dallas Abrams 

(from left) Krista Drummond and Jake Bennett  

(from left) Jake Bennett and Bridger McCann 

(above) Caldwell parish recently held their student and teacher of the year awards ceremony. Elementary Students of the Year and Elementary Teachers of the Year awards were presented by Caldwell Bank and Trust employee, Jake Bennett. Congratulations to all the students and teachers for their hard work and dedication!

 (above) Union Central Elementary 5th grade Bank at School students made their last savings deposit and Caldwell Bank and Trust helped the students celebrate the end of the school year with a pizza party. (below) Caldwell Bank and Trust helped Old Bethel Christian Academy 5th grade Bank at School students celebrate their last savings deposit of the school year with Unicorn ice cream.