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LBA Launches New Resource & Peer Group for Women in Banking

LBA's newest resource and peer group is worth checking out. Below is a story that ran in LBA's newsletter explaining the vision for PWR – Professional Women Revitalized. 

PWR – Professional Women Revitalized

We are bankers. We are professionals. We are women. 

Some of us are new to the banking industry and we are trying to define success for ourselves.

Some of us are in mid-career and wondering where we go from here.

Some of us have years of banking experience and would love to lift up younger women bankers.

PWR’s webpage features resources helpful to bankers who happen to be women. Many of the resources will not be gender specific; however, some will. We will hear from professional women from inside and around the banking industry. The goal is to support women bankers from that initial step of defining success through the mid-career questioning into the seasoned opportunity to pass on wisdom and experiences. When one of us questions why we remain in the banking industry when the deck seems stacked against us, it affects all of us. We should all work to support each other to success. We understand the definition of success is different for each of us and that is perfectly okay. The thought is that fellow women bankers’ support can help you meet your success goals more productively.

PWR – professional women revitalized, a LBA webpage that is dedicated to Louisiana’s women bankers, is your resource! Click here to visit the webpage



Consider Hosting Bank Shadow Day this October Through 365 to Rich Program

We are very excited to introduce a new Louisiana Bankers Education Council program, 365 to Rich, that was piloted in 2016 and will be open to all banks this year. 365 to Rich Bank Shadow Day is a great program for high school seniors to spend a day shadowing a banker. The last two weeks of October are designated as the time to hold the 365 to Rich Bank Day. The purpose of 365 to Rich is to introduce banking as a career option and to provide financial literacy resources to the student. 

The name 365 to Rich comes from the actions that take place after the shadow day when the student will receive a daily text for 365 days on how to become “rich” in all ways such as money, work, knowledge, service, relationships, etc. 

After the 365 to Rich Bank Shadow Day, the students can write an essay, 500-1,000 words, that will be judged among the others across the state, with one student awarded an iPad.

All banks in the state are encouraged to participate this year. We will provide you with all the following:

  • Sample letter of introduction to the teacher at the high school where the bank asks for a nomination of a student to participate in the program
  • Student application that is to be signed by the student, the sponsoring teacher and the parent
  • Sample schedule of the shadow day
  • Essay guidelines
  • Frequently asked questions
  • Financial literacy power point presentation to show the student during the shadow day
  • 365 to Rich t-shirt for the student
  • Flash drive for the student that will contain the financial literacy power point presentation and a list of financial literacy resources 

If you are interested in participating, please email LBA's Chief Operating Officer Ginger Laurent at laurent@lba.org and she will send you all the documents. All we ask in return is that you send us a picture of your student at the bank on the 365 to Rich bank day. Click here to see the pictures from the 2016 pilot program. Click here to go to the 365 to Rich webpage. What a wonderful way to interact with students in your community who may be interested in a banking career.



LBA Launches 2017 Hurricane Resources Webpage

Our thoughts and prayers are with all those in the Hurricane Harvey-affected areas. LBA has launched a 2017 Hurricane Resources webpage. Click here to visit the webpage . We continue to add to the page as we gather more information. Let us know if you have questions or need more information. Please stay safe and keep us posted on your status.



LSU Graduate School of Banking Strong & Steady

What a treasure Louisiana has with the Graduate School of Banking at LSU. There are just six such schools in the entire country, so Louisiana, LSU and bankers here are very fortunate to have the school and Dr. Don Woodland as the executive vice president and director. Don was the LSU Banking Chair before taking on GSB in the late 1960’s. He has guided the school through changes in banking and changes in LSU administrations. The Graduate School of Banking is financially strong and operates with the supervision of their Board of Trustees which is made up of 15 southern banker association state executives and a banker from each of these 15 states. Serving Louisiana with me for the next two years is Jason Smith, chief executive officer of Citizens National Bank in Bossier City. 

You can learn more about the school and the 2018 session on their website. (Click here to visit.) The final admission deadline is April 16, 2018. Louisiana typically has the most bankers attending the school. Since the school's founding in 1950, more than 16,000 bankers have graduated, and more than 2,100 from Louisiana banks. The purpose of the school is to provide professional education to junior bank officers. They attend three, two week sessions and complete 10 research projects between the annual sessions. They attend classes 69 hours per session and have exams weekly. The faculty is made up of people from academics, professionals, bankers and consultants. Extensive student and administrative evaluations of faculty effectiveness is conducted at the end of each session. Don has high expectations of the students and the faculty. Several universities in the southeast award GSB graduates partial credit toward a MBA degree. Over the years Don has nurtured the attendance of bankers from central America and Mexico so that now they represent about 10% of the total student body. This international flavor is a wonderful and unique part of GSB. Thanks to the bankers that support their employees attending GSB.