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Check Fraud Prevention

Thumbprint Signature Program

Check fraud costs financial institutions and their customers millions of dollars each year. In a statewide effort to help combat crime and protect consumers, the Louisiana Bankers Association has developed the Thumbprint Signature Program. The program is very simple. Any individual (non customers) who wished to cash a check at a participating financial institution or retailer is asked to apply their right thumb to an inkless fingerprinting device and place their thumbprint between the memo and signature lines of the check. If fraudulent activity does occur, law enforcement agencies will have these thumbprints as evidence to use in apprehending those responsible. The Thumbprint Signature Program is just another way the LBA is committed to helping financial institutions and their customers eliminate check fraud.

There is no start-up fee to join! The only initial cost to begin participating is the supplies you order.

"The thumbprint program has the potential to have a significant impact on the growing check fraud in Louisiana." James Desorno, Federal Bureau of Investigations, New Orleans Division. Retailers can participate in the program, too! Grocery stores, convenience stores, and liquor stores have seen significant benefits when cashing payroll and other checks.

Participating retailers in Louisiana include Thrifty Liquor in Bossier City, Cracker Barrel Stores in Baton Rouge, and Kroger 404 Stores in Shreveport.


  • Touch Pads-have a shelf life of 18 months or a minimum of 500 impressions
  • Window Display-tent style display signs should be posted at all locations where checks are cashed as an additional reminder that the company participates in the program
  • Statement Stuffers-explain the mechanics of the program. Financial institutions should send brochures to all account holders and keep plenty on hand for those who might have questions about the program
  • Decals-post at all entrances to let people know you are participating in the program.


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