Blue-U Defense shares in the same passion as LBA to help protect our constituent’s most valuable asset, their people. Blue-U Defense provides the most complete, practical, effective and engaging suite of services designed to do three things: 

1 - Truly Keeping People Safe - No more training for the sake of training! No more drills for the sake of drilling! No more training just to make ourselves feel good and be able to check a box that said we did something. 

2 - Mitigating Risk - Preventing things from happening whenever possible. 

3 - Limiting Vulnerability to Liability - If we do, in fact, experience an unthinkable incident, as a company, we need to be able to show our governing body or official investigative agencies that we did more than the minimum required to keep our employees safe. 

Achieving these goals takes a well-thought, educated, effective, engaging, practical, and effective program that is ongoing and people actually desire to learn and carry-out. That is why Blue-U Defense’s online education services is an extremely critical yet affordable element of their overall safety program.

Key Features

Digital Learning Elements

Access to ALL our valuable training courses, documents, and articles.

Continuous Education

Designed to keep life-saving information fresh throughout the course of the year.

Printable Certificates

Populate employee files with proof of training and understanding of material learned.

The cost?

$400 for up to 100 employees per year. You can purchase additional licenses in groups of 50, at $50 per group.

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