Third Party Resources, Inc. (3PR, Inc.)
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9211 West Rd Ste 143-152
Houston, TX 77064-8633
(713) 678-0898

Primary Contact
Ms. Lauren Sparks
Ph: (713) 678-0898 x701
Fax: (281) 807-7795

Associate Profile

Main Office
9211 West Rd Ste 143-152
Houston, TX 77064-8633
(713) 678-0898
Area(s) of Expertise
Auditing, BSA/Know Your Customer, Regulatory Compliance Consultants
3PR, Inc., is a firm specializing in risk management, including regulatory compliance, BSA/AML compliance and internal control audits. Our clients are comprised of both bank and non-bank institutions, including community banks, software providers and money service businesses. We focus on various types of compliance, risk assessments, policy and procedures assistance, training and risk-based audits.

Our goal is to assist our clients in devloping a sound and sustainable risk management program customized to their risk profile and needs.

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