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LBA Past Chairmen

1900-01  G. W. Bolton Alexandria
1901-02  J. T. Hayden New Orleans
1902-03    J. H. Fulton New Orleans
1903-04  C. H. Culbertson New Orleans
1904-05  D. M. Reymond Baton Rouge
1905-06  S. McLarason St. Francisville
1906-07  H. C. Drew Lake Charles
1907-08  Charles Janvier New Orleans
1908-09  Peter Youree Shreveport
1909-10  R. N. Sims Donaldsonville
1910-11  A. Breton New Orleans
1911-12  Joe GottliebBaton Rouge
1911-12  Paul Lisso Alexandria
1912-13  L. H. Jastremski Houma
1913-14  H. D. Angar Monroe
1914-15  Andrew Querbes Shreveport
1915-16  L. M. Pool New Orleans
1916-17  J. W. Bolton  Alexandria
1917-18  L. O. Broussard Abbeville
1918-19  Frank Roberts Lake Charles
1919-20  C. DeB. Claiborne New Orleans
1920-21  Ben Johnson Shreveport
1921-22  E. Cazedessus Baton Rouge
1922-23   W. S. Craig Tallulah
1923-24  C. G. Rives New Orleans
1924-25   W. D. Haas Alexandria
1925-26  Travis Oliver Monroe
1926-27  W. P. Connell Baton Rouge
1927-28  J. C. Barry Lafayette
1928-29  W. P. O'Neal New Orleans
1929-30  P. C. WiIlis Shreveport
1930-31   W. B. Machado  New Orleans
1931-32   W. L. Ward, Sr.  Baton Rouge
1932-33   J. A. Spekenheir Bogalusa
1933-34  James C. Bolton  Alexandria
1934-35  E. E. Soulier Lafayette
1935-36   W. B. Gladney  Bastrop
1936-37  W. B. Jacobs Shreveport
1937-38  Frank Dimmick Sunset
1938-39  F. F. Millsaps Monroe
1939-40  Sam M. Richard  Lake Charles
1940-41   M. L. Funderburk Houma
1941-42  T. L. Evans Lafayette
1942-43  W. W. Schroeder New Orleans
1943-44  A. R. Johnson, Jr. Baton Rouge
1944-45   H. Webb Madison  Bastrop
1945-46  James C. Atkins Shreveport
1946-47  Harold L. Sims Thibodaux
1947-48  Allen Dezauche Opelousas
1948-49   V. V. Whittington  Bossier City
1949-50   William N. Louque  New Orleans
1950-51  Robert H. Bolton Alexandria
1951-52  Cecil K. Colon Lake Charles
1952-53  Frank E. Patenotte Amite
1953-54  A. Dennis Landry Lafayette
1954-55  C. Rupert Evans Lake Providence
1955-56  Lewis Gottlieb Baton Rouge
1956-57  John J. Doles Plain Dealing
1957-58  W. McKerall O'Niell Franklin
1958-59  W. B. Jacobs, Jr.  Shreveport
1959-60   Clayton Rutledge St. Francisville
1960-61  E. G. Coco Moreauville
1961-62  W. P. "Buck" Sevier, Jr.  Tallulah
1962-63  E. J. Beaullieu Jeanerette
1963-64  W. Richard White Gretna
1964-65  J. Grayson Guthrie Monroe
1965-66  Charles J. Cassidy Bogalusa
1966-67  J. A. "Sonny" Dunnam, Jr.  Benton
1967-68  Hermann Moyse, Jr. Baton Rouge
1968-69  J. E. Pierson* Natchitoches
1969-70  L. J. Hebert Thibodaux
1970-71  Pat Willis Opelousas
1971-72  John A. Ouiffiber New Orleans
1972-73   R. Lee Vanderpool, Jr. Monroe
1973-74  Arthur J. Broussard  Lafayette
1974-75  A. R. Johnson, III Alexandria
1975-76  J. D. Acklin, Jr.  Haynesville
1976-77  Donald L. Delcambre  New Iberia
1977-78  Walter B. Stuart, III  New Orleans
1978-79  James G. Boyer  Lake Charles
1979-80  H. Graham Schneider Lake Providence
1980-81  Crawford A. Bishop Gonzales
1981-82  Charles W. McCoy  Baton Rouge
1982-83  John J. Doles, Jr. Plain Dealing
1983-84  Joseph M. Connolly  New Orleans
1984-85   A. Henry Kinberger  Alexandria
1985-86  James A. Comiskey New Orleans
1986-87  Phil K. Livingston  Hammond
1987-88   William W. Watson St. Joseph
1988-89  James E. Burt III  Shreveport
1989-90   John H. Dejean Lafayette 
1990-91   Robert J. Zeringue  Lutcher
1991-92  Charles W. Barber  Alexandria 
1992-93   J. Herbert Boydstun West Monroe 
1993-94  Nicholas P. Trist, Jr. Chalmette
1994-95  Hugh J. Hansen Shreveport
1995-96   G. Lee Griffin  Baton Rouge 
1996-97  J. Lynn Bordelon  Bunkie
1997-98   Stephen P. David  New Roads
1998-99  Will C. Hubbard Bossier City
1999-00   Michael M. Gauthier Thibodaux 
2000-01  Nathan L. Carriere Jr. Maringouin
2001-02  Henry A. Logue  Monroe
2002-03  A. Hartie Spence  Baton Rouge
2003-04  Edward B. Middleton  Plaquemine
2004-05  Guy T. Williams New Orleans
2005-06  Clyde R. White Monroe
2006-07H. Carter Leak, IIISt. Francisville 
2007-08E. Graham Thompson Baton Rouge 
2008-09N. Jerome Vascocu Rayville 
2009-10Boyd R. Boudreaux New Orleans 
2010-11Albert C. Christman Delhi
2011-12Reginald "Ric" SmithMetairie
2012-13Charles TimpaLake Charles
There are many argentines even today who claim that, for all the tyranny of the dictator, the country was none the worse for his rule, and that the rgime which he introduced, however bloodthirsty and horrible, was at all events one of discipline such as the distracted collection of provinces had never known since the days of the spanish rule.